Why waiting until the end of the line may be costing you

The common approach in manufacturing is typically weak on in-process verification and more reliant upon complex end-of line tests. Though this is better than no monitoring or quality control at all, it offers only a rudimentary understanding of the manufacturing processes that go into building parts, limiting the ability to manage quality and optimize line output.

Sciemetric’s technology provides an integrated quality control system that monitors critical-to-quality operations in real time along the assembly line in a single, common test platform. Problems are found as they occur and information about every process is collected to help enact improvements. Because it’s a single platform, the interfaces are the same and the level of data collected is also the same for every station.

Money isn’t wasted on adding value to a bad part with an integrated approach. Costs for repairs are virtually eliminated or dramatically decreased if problems are found before the end of the line. Then there are the wasted cycles, impact to the plant’s output to consider.

The integrated quality control approach is also about being nimble to make changes as soon as they are needed. It should not take months to optimize a process to improve throughput nor should it take more than a few hours to determine the root cause of an issue that affected quality. Because the data from each and every part at each and every process is integrated into a single database for analysis, manufacturers can take action to fix what is standing in the way of their achieving their production targets