Carefully analyzing feature measurement data can tell manufacturers when a product is falling out of spec. Monitoring quality variations throughout time can help experts identify process problems, telling manufacturers where to invest in new equipment or systems. Learn how to take advantage of your machine vision data as part of process monitoring.



In manufacturing, an image can be worth a thousand data points, and yet machine vision is often used only for basic pass/fail determinations. Images and their related data sets, if they are kept at all, are scattered throughout the plant in silos that lack any digital connectivity. Learn how to take advantage of your machine vision data in this article.



Your plant may be collecting data, but are you collecting the right data for your objectives? Sciemetric's Senior VP, Derek Kuhn provides insights in APMA magazine on how you can promote gains in overall yield, quality and process optimization on your automotive production line.



Manufacturing is changing with increasingly sophisticated and intelligent use of data on the production line. Sciemetric's Product Manager, Dave Mannila shares his insights in Truck & Off-Highway Engineering magazine on how off-highway and specialty vehicle manufacturers can achieve significant cost reductions and grow revenue through data-driven in-process testing.

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So, your plant collects data—but how are you using that data? Is your data empowering individuals on the plant floor to take quick, decisive action? Is your data supporting timely and informed decision-making in the corner office? With reams of manufacturing process data being generated every day from each part and... More >

In-process testing and data solutions for engine manufacturing

Sciemetric's in-process testing capabilities facilitate data-driven decision making on your production line.

This detailed blueprint provides examples of how Sciemetric's in-process testing and data acquisition solutions can be applied on your engine assembly line.