Improve the efficiency and cycle times of quality tests

Process signatures and Sciemetric’s data management software give manufacturing engineers the tools to easily adjust limits on test systems or cycle time for optimum output.

To do either of these, engineers often have to tweak the systems on the line a little at a time to see the variations caused by the changes. It can take months to establish the perfect limits or cycle time to deliver quality parts.

Using QualityWorX’s Engineering Workstation you can bring in all the signatures for parts run at a station during a particular time – a week, month, months or the year. You can try out new test limits on these historical parts and see how they would affect the output before implementing them. The screens below show an example of this.

The “before” analysis on the left shows that two failures were found with the existing limits. Changing the limits as shown in the signatures on the right would result in 9 failures.

The same can be done to look at cycle times. In the example below, it was clear that the breakaway torque test could be terminated earlier (shown by the green box) without resulting in the line missing any bad parts. In this case the manufacturer was able to decrease test time and increase the output of parts by hundreds every month.