Our leak test solutions separate the controller and the pneumatics so that you have the flexibility to place the pneumatics close to the part under test to reduce overall test volume and time. It also makes it easier to accommodate stations where space is limited. 

The sigPOD Leak 3404 Controller can manage up to four leak test modules at once.

  • Easy to use, intuitive and operator-friendly interface
  • Screens tailored for different users: engineers, supervisors and operators
  • In-station SPC for limit management that uses production statistics to calculate optimal test limits
  • Histogram, trends, feature and history views with one-click drill-down
  • Collects complete signature for use in future analysis to optimize the leak test, compare results and more.

The sigPOD 3404 can be used as a controller for the new 3520 Series.  The sigPOD Leak solution uses the sigPOD 3501 for pressure decay or the sigPOD 3511 for vacuum leak tests for small volumes.

  • Compact 8" x 8" x 2.5" packaging enable mounting close to part under test to reduce test volume, allowing for faster more accurate tests
  • Two thumb screws provide access to pneumatics for easy servicing
  • Air actuated valves have cycle life of over 100 million cycles
  • Small internal manifold volume is ideal for testing small volume parts

For even greater accuracy in leak testing, take a look at the new 3520 Series.