Sciemetric technology in a customized leak test solution

Sciemetric has developed custom leak detection stations for manufacturers in a range of industries. We can integrate our technology and components into a custom leak test solution to meet specific requirements.

Through our Integrated Systems group we work with you to understand the test, the objectives and specifications.

We have the engineering and mechanical expertise in-house and also work with machine tool builders to make sure the stations meet plant specifications. From the selection of suitable enclosures and appropriate connecting hoses and power supplies to pre-conditioning the factor air supply to interlocking with the assembly line controls, we take care of all the details.

As flexible as our software is, off-the-shelf does not always fit with the demands of the production line. Sciemetric offers custom application development as a service, built using the same signature analysis software that delivers advanced defect detection and process visibility in the standard leak test solutions.

Some of our long-standing leak test customers have been using custom leak test applications to address the specific nature of the parts they are testing. 

Contact us to review your leak test requirements.