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Built for the demands of the manufacturing line

Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the...

Sciemetric's 3520 Series Leak Tester

Sciemetric has designed a leak tester for the rigorous demands of the manufacturing line, with high accuracy and extra fast cycle times. Leak testing is one of the most common tests in assembly and also one of the most frustrating for many manufacturers. The 3520 Series Leak Tester offers powerful patented technology that provides the kind of accuracy that catches costly defects while enabling fast cycle times, even for large cavities.

The 3520 Series has already empowered manufacturers to:

  • Find defects that were previously being missed, causing scrap, repairs, warranty issues and other costly problems;
  • Reduce headcount for leak testing;
  • Bring leak tests in-line without creating bottlenecks; and
  • Avoid the capital expense of building extra leak test stations by optimizing existing leak test stations to meet production volume.

Customers say payback time is 4-6 months!

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Thoughtfully designed

Sciemetric has applied its unique combination of skills in software, digital and analog electronics, sensors, signature analysis, physics and pneumatics to create a new generation of leak testing. From its advanced packaging and industrial design down to its software, the 3520 Series was designed to make it the most accurate, fastest leak detection solution for manufacturing. 

Every component of the 3520 Series was designed to optimize test accuracy, from its superb pneumatics and high quality sensors to its precision measurement electronics and advanced pressure regulation design.

  • Pressure measurement resolution – down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Pressure control resolution – down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Flow measurement – down to ±0.2% of full scale
  • Features temperature compensation: testing independent of part volume, atmospheric pressure or ambient temperature fluctuations

Faster fill, faster stabilization and software with the ability to make fast decisions mean more parts can get tested and bottlenecks are reduced. It may also eliminate the requirement to purchase additional leak test stations. 

  • Ultra-fast fill for large parts
  • Fast pressure stabilization
  • Fast pass/fail decisions 


The 3520 Series is a flexible leak test platform that supports a wide range of test types and requirements.


The 3520 Series offers all of the features required for the smart factory and the intelligence to make the right leak test decisions.

  • Web-based setup and diagnostics
  • Ethernet interface
  • Advanced Process Signature Verification (PSV ) software
  • Rich data output
  • Remote control and operation

Designed for manufacturing:

  • Compact design, particularly for high flow applications
  • Robust IP65 enclosure can be mounted in virtually any environment without the need for additional protective enclosures, significantly reducing system cost
  • Mount with rear integral brackets
  • All connections are on the front of the unit
  • M12 connectors for I/O
  • Fail-safe design ensures valves default exhaust state if power or air pressure is lost
  • Ethernet Connectivity provides ease of connection and management of the 3520 units

Details can be found in the product information drop-down list on the right. 

Leak test almost anything

Sciemetric’s leak detection systems can handle leak testing parts with volumes of less than 1cc to 1,000,000cc while delivering the speed and accuracy manufacturers require. Our leak testers have been used in various industries including consumer goods, powertrain & components manufacturing in both automotive and off-highway, industrial applications and in medical devices.

Test types include:

  • Pressure decay
  • Vacuum
  • Flow
  • Blockage
  • Volume measurement
  • Burst testing
  • Helium evacuate and fill
  • Customizable pressure and flow sequencing for more demanding pressure and flow test applications

See the product information to find the product best suited to your leak test requirements and for details on test types, pressure ranges, and more.

Let us help you find the right fit for your leak test

If you’re having problems with manufacturing leak test, let us help you find the right solution. Contact us to help determine which leak test type and system will meet your targets for leak test cycle time and gage R&R. Our leak test specialists will help to identify any factors affecting the test, such as temperature, to identify the right accessories and approach to the test.

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Leak test success stories

Here are some examples of how users of Sciemetric’s manufacturing leak detection systems have successfully overcome issues with their leak tests.

Choosing the right leak test system enables manufacturer meet higher production targets while reducing costs
The challenge of adding 2.4 million parts to a production line with a leak test process already strained by capacity, burdened by high cost and troubled with repeatability issues drove the manufacturer to find a new way to leak test their carburetor bowls.

The manufacturer had eight off-line leak test stations to test the 3.2 million carburetor assemblies produced by their small engine plant. Having the leak tests performed off of the main production line was not the ideal solution, but the well-known leak test system used in the stations was too slow and could not meet the low cycle time and basic quality thresholds required to allow it to be integrated into the assembly line. Taking up a significant amount of floor space, the leak test stations required six or more staff per shift: four operators and two runners to get the parts to and from the assembly line.

There was a 5% failure rate that plant staff suspected was heavily comprised of false failures but had no ability to correlate the information with other data. The gage repeatability and reproducibility was “above 30%” and this, combined with the failure rate, reduced the manufacturer’s absolute confidence in the leak test. Failures were simply scrapped, with tens of thousands of units awaiting that fate on the floor.

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Industrial AC manufacturer challenged to meet EPA leak standard in available cycle time
A manufacturer of industrial air conditioning units had to meet a specific EPA-mandated leak rate and was having issues getting the repeatability and accuracy required in their leak test within the available cycle time. They had four different models that were being tested at the station.

Their current leading brand leak testers required five minutes to do the test to find the leaks at the targeted 10% gauge R&R. Two minutes – 120 seconds -- were all that were allocated. 

Continue reading to see how the 3520 series brought the leak test cycle time down to 115 seconds>

A search for fast cycle time and repeatability
An automation integrator working with a manufacturer of automotive wheel hubs was looking for a powerful leak tester for a new production line. The test was needed to find any parts with out of spec dimensions that would cause leaks around the inner channel of the wheel hub. A cycle time of 12 seconds for the test and demonstration of the leak tester’s repeatability were key requirements in their search.

Find more under the Application Notes tab on the right drop-down menu.

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