Sciemetric Studio is a family of next-generation analytics software for smart manufacturing.

Sciemetric Studio is simple to implement and enables in-depth analysis of production data including digital process signatures, images from vision systems and scalar data. With an intuitive, contemporary user interface, this software makes it easy to visualize, review, report on, compare and analyze manufacturing part data to improve quality and yield.

The Studio family includes two products:

  • Studio LT: A low-cost solution for reviewing and comparing part data from a small number of test stations
  • Studio SE: A more advanced product for enterprise-level visualization and support for more in-depth analysis


A quick and easy way to review part data

Sciemetric Studio LT is a low-cost solution for manufacturing engineers who want a simple tool to review review and compare complex part data for small groups of stations.
This Windows-based desktop application enables in-depth data analysis right from your PC. It requires no database or additional software: upload or drag and drop the test records you want to analyze using the intuitive, ribbon-based user interface. 

  • Drill down into a part’s history across multiple stations. The Part History is an intuitive tree-based navigation that enables detailed investigation of pass/fail results, waveform or image characteristics and feature checks on a single serial number.

  • The Trend enables you to overlay multiple waveforms or data to spot variations over test stations and parts. Designed to enable drill-down to the serial number and single part history, it also offers a range of trend views.
  • Analyze up to 1000 part records at the same time
  • Visualize and analyze different types of production data, including digital process signature waveforms and scalar data 
  • Collate data by part from multiple stations into one project 
  • Export your data to CSV format

Quickly optimize and maintain your test stations

  • Drill down into data to determine the cause of a part failure 
  • View the complete data history for a part 
  • Set optimized test limits on the station 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a test
  • Compare and trend information across multiple stations

Download a free 30-day trial to see how easy it is to analyze part data with Sciemetric Studio LT.

A quick path from analysis to answer for local or enterprise-wide projects 

Sciemetric Studio SE includes all the capabilities of Studio LT, and adds these features to enrich manufacturing analytics:

  • Create local projects or access any data in a QualityWorX database in real-time for enterprise-wide analysis
  • Collect, store and visualize images and data from machine vision systems, integrating this information into the full birth history of a part. Review and analyze historical image data to help improve quality and productivity.  
  • Create an Advanced Trend report that allows you to select up to 10 features, either overlaid on the same graph or as stacked graphs, and compare their data
  • Drag and drop or load up to 10,000 part records into a local project to be analyzed at the same time

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