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Noise, Vibration & sigPOD Templates

Noise, Vibration & Harshness can be a challenge to detect especially on a noisy plant floor and can largely affect customer satisfaction rates. These free NVH templates can help you quickly and easily configure your sigPOD for either Accelerometer-based NVH or Order-based NVH testing. Each downloadable template comes with its own template guide outlining the details of the application, what is monitored and the steps to get you started.

These configurable templates are compatible with version 3.16 or greater of sigPOD PSV and can be used on any sigPOD with at least one available analog channel.

Accelerometer-based Noise, Vibration & Harshness Template

This Template is used to monitor noise and vibration characteristics to detect problems with moving assemblies. Raw noise or vibration data is collected from force, acceleration or noise sensors over a test cycle, and analyzed in the time and frequency domains.
Even the most subtle defects can be reliably detected by monitoring frequency components of a signature. 

Download the Application Guide which outlines the easy steps to get you started >
Download the Template software >
  Order-based Noise, Vibration & Harshness Template

Order-based NVH analysis provides the ability to track position-or speed-related characteristics. Utilize this template to monitor the noise and vibration characteristics to detect problems with moving assemblies such as, motors, gear boxes and pumps.
This application will allow you to capture a broad range of defects, including:
*Off-balance assemblies 
*Tight-fitting components and more

Download the Application Guide for easy steps to load the application >
Download the Template software >