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How you can reach Sciemetric Support

If you are calling from outside North America, please dial "00" and then the number

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST as well as for after-hours emergency line down situations

Typical response time is one hour; problem resolution time will depend upon the nature of the situation. If you require onsite support, we will make arrangements to have an Applications Specialist go to your site.
Email Sciemetric Support at any time. Include the information that will help us serve you most efficiently (listed below). Typical response time is the next business day.

Online Support Center
Go to to access our Customer Support Center, where you can log and track support cases and product returns, register your products for faster service and provides access to software upgrades, patches and product manuals and more.

 For quick issue resolution, have this information ready

  • We’ll need your contact details, and, if the problem is related to QualityWorX, a contact for IT  
  • The name(s) of the product(s) affected (e.g., sigPOD 1202, Model 300-24, QualityWorX RBM) & serial numbers
  • Software versions: either take a screen capture or note the InspeXion version shown in the lower right corner and the application version in the lower left corner.
  • A description of the issue: when did it begin? Were any changes made prior to the issue occurring? Has anything been attempted to solve the issue?

Depending upon the requirements, support may be covered by your warranty (see your terms and conditions) or your Sciemetric support agreement.