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 Leak Test Workshop

What’s your biggest leak test headache? Results you don’t trust? Cycle times that create bottlenecks? Limits that don’t catch all the leaks? We can help! Sciemetric’s Leak Test Workshop will give you practical information and ideas you can take back to your factory and implement now for a better, faster, more reliable leak test.

Date: Wednesday, November 8, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
Location: Sciemetric U.S. Office, 1670 Star Batt Drive, Rochester Hills, MI
Cost: Free, but limited seats availableReserve yours now.

BYOP: Bring Your Own Part!
Get instant results – bring in your part* to see how it can be tested using Sciemetric’s patented, advanced leak test technology. We have the answers you’re looking for:

  • Which type of test is best to meet your requirements?
  • How can you address the specific challenges posed by your part’s design? 
  • How can you use data collected from the leak test to make the improvements you’re looking for in quality and time to market?

Get Advice From our Leak Experts
Attend any or all of these sessions on top leak testing topics:

  • Factors Affecting Leak Test Accuracy, presented by Richard Brine, CTO, key inventor of the Sciemetric leak test system and patent-holder
  • The Fundamentals of Leak Test, presented by Dr. Steven White, Test Engineering Manager
  • How to Quickly Confirm that a Leak Tester is Working Properly, presented by Rob Plumridge, Leak Test Applications Specialist
  • Ensuring Leak Test Repeatability, presented by Robert Ouellette, P. Eng., New Product Launch Manager

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your leak test problems – even one-on-one – with our patent-holders in leak test and professionals experienced in implementing and optimizing leak test for hundreds of installations.

See Leak Tests and Data Management at Work
Leak testing large or small part volumes? Our demo stations will show not only how to optimize your leak test, but how to collect, organize, manage and use the data to improve your leak test immediately.

Grab your seat while they last! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn key tips and tricks for making your leak test better, from the people who know it best – Sciemetric!

June 29, 2017

In this webinar, "Solving Your Top 5 Manufacturing Issues – with Data," Sciemetric’s CTO, Richard Brine and Product Manager, Dave Mannila share tips for making practical use of the data you collect to solve the top five problems manufacturers typically experience on their production lines.

This presentation provides insights on topics like balancing cycle time and repeatability (Gage R), setting proper test limits, increasing FTY, and more. The webinar, presented by IndustryWeek, is now available for on demand viewing. Click here to register and view on demand.

June 16, 2017

You didn't miss your chance to watch Mat Daniel's webcast, "Manufacturing 4.0 Data Management Principles for Machine Vision," presented by Vision Systems Design. The webcast is now available for on demand viewing.

In this webcast, Sciemetric VP Operations, Mat Daniel, shares strategies on how to apply Manufacturing 4.0 principles to data and incorporate machine vision images into a broader view of your production line. Click here to register and view on demand.

February 24, 2017

In case you missed it, click here to view the "Quality Digest Live" recording of Sciemetric CTO, Richard Brine, explain how manufacturers can use digital process signature technology to improve their leak test and more.

Richard will elaborate on the previous article by our CEO Nathan Sheaff about better tools for measurement, data analysis and data visualization that improves yield and reduces warranty claims.