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Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the...

DIY costs twice as much as an off-the-shelf solution

When it comes to quality monitoring or data acquisition, we make it easy for you to meet your customer’s specification while keeping costs down. Because every extra bit of equipment cuts into the project’s profit margin, many machine builders prefer to build a custom solution, such as programming a PLC do to the required basic checks or coding software on an industrial computer. These take time to create and validate and the savings are not necessarily what you’d expect. Sciemetric offers the sigPOD platform to give them the best process monitoring at a cost point that makes it an easy decision for you.

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Sciemetric’s family of sigPOD process monitors is configurable for a range of applications: you can click and go, or create templates that you can use again and again. No programming is required and all of the systems feature common hardware, software and look and feel to keep it simple. The time you save can be used to focus on your core competencies and getting the rest of the project done.

We offer a discount program for tool builders who make Sciemetric their plug and play process monitor of choice. As a Sciemetric Partner, you will have access to QualityWorX to accelerate machine debug and run-off and to demonstrate machine repeatability. Essentially we help you achieve faster shipment and faster payment.