How much will you save if you:

  • Minimize rework?
  • Reduce scrap & waste
  • avoid one recall?
Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the...

Real cost reductions in manufacturing

It is possible to reduce costs on a manufacturing line without affecting the quality or yield of the plant. Actually, it is possible to reduce costs while improving quality and yield. From personnel costs to materials, Sciemetric technology has helped automotive manufacturers attain real cost reductions in manufacturing.

The savings depend upon your approach to manufacturing and your goals.

  • Reduced scrap and repair costs by eliminating problems early, at the source. For example, fixing a throttle issue before it is discovered at engine final test or in vehicle assembly where complete teardown is required.
  • Faster launches of new production lines.
  • Warranty and recall costs through pinpoint recalls when issues are due to manufacturing.
  • Reduced operator training and cost for spares through the use of a standard process monitoring platform that provides the same look and feel user interface across the assembly line.

These and more are achieved by arming your team of manufacturing and quality engineers with detailed process data so that they can see how to bring about the changes that will reduce costs on a consistent basis.