10,000 to 7

Electronically trace defective product by its symptoms in minutes. One manufacturer found the 7 affected cars in a lot of 10,000 using QualityWorX

Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the...

In a potential recall situation, every minute counts

The ability to react quickly is crucial in a recall or quarantine situation and as soon as the problem is found either at the plant, in vehicle assembly or by a customer, the faster you can deal with it, the less it will cost you.

Using Sciemetric technology one of our customers was able to reduce a recall from 10,000 cars down to 7 units. They did it by using all of the data for the identified faulty engine and matching it to the population of thousands of other potentially affected ones. It was done in hours and the manufacturing processes were then adjusted to ensure it would not be repeated. This saved the car maker millions in costs and the negative effects of a recall.

In quarantine situations where production is on hold due to a an issue, automotive manufacturers using our technology are able to find the root cause of the manufacturing problem, trace the specific units affected, fix the process and get the line rolling again quickly.