Spot the Sciemetric products on this diesel engine line in Argentina for Ford's new Ranger truck. 

Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the...

What are top customer satisfaction rates worth to you?

In automotive manufacturing, the goals are clear: deliver quality that lives up to the expectations of your brand and do it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

Though everyone promises to support these goals, our technology was designed specifically to fill a common gap in automotive plants: the lack of actionable information. Sciemetric provides visibility into the assembly processes to identify not just a problem, but what’s causing it, before it impacts your KPIs.

We deliver value to automotive OEMs and all tiers of suppliers in a number of ways; how depends upon the company’s strategy and approach to manufacturing:

The best value is derived by adopting a line-wide strategy. The approach is essentially about collecting and analyzing detailed process data along the production line. This data become your team’s window into not only quickly dealing with issues, but being proactive in meeting your objectives. It sounds simple but even top-rated auto OEMs have trouble bringing about change to a line or tracking down the root cause of a problem, having to rely on theory and guesswork. The time to an answer can be days, weeks or months, even with the use of SPC, MES or ERP systems.

Sciemetric pioneered this approach in automotive powertrain plants almost 20 years ago. We have helped manufacturers achieve top customer satisfaction rates, avoid mass recalls, save millions of dollars and more. See the examples in this section on how Sciemetric technology has provided quick ROI to automotive manufacturers.