There is a gap in your manufacturing systems affecting your plant’s ability to improve yield, reduce costs and respond quickly to problems

Manufacturers have made substantial investments into the automation and IT infrastructure on their lines in an effort to build quality products. There is usually a gap, however, between these systems and the ability to take clear action.

According to Sciemetric research using JD Power data, Ford has the lowest number of engine issues within the first 90 days of any automotive supplier. The data also shows continuous improvement year over year.  We are a specified provider of in-process test solutions for Ford engines.

Unless the right tools are available, those responsible for the daily management of the line cannot easily find the root causes of rejects and low yields and, more importantly, quickly eliminate them. A lot of guesswork goes into trying to optimize the line because of this gap. In the situation of a potential quality spill or recall, every extra hour it takes to get real answers exacerbates the problem.

Sciemetric provides a line-wide strategy that plugs into the existing infrastructure. From monitoring critical processes using the most advanced techniques to data acquisition to arming your team with analysis tools that transform their ability to take action, our solutions empower the line managers to meet the objectives you set. It does not take long to get a return on your investment: avoiding a single recall, improving your line’s output by valuable percentage points, and getting industry-leading quality scores make it happen quickly.

Take a look at some of the ways we help different types of manufacturers around the world reach their quality and yield objectives.