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Manufacturing production today creates mountains of data stored in multitudes of siloed databases across the production line. While you may have data, it’s not always easy to apply it to quickly resolve issues and proactively manage production.

As manufacturing becomes more complex, the need for useful data insights becomes more critical. QualityWorX from Sciemetric is a suite of data management and manufacturing analytics software that lets you acquire and centrally store production data from across the line and easily view, analyze and create reports for better, faster issue resolution.

Bridge the gap between manufacturing data and useful insight

Manufacturers make substantial investments in the automation and IT infrastructure of their lines. But many of these systems still leave a gap between the data collection and action. That’s where Sciemetric makes a difference.

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You’ve got data – maybe lots of it – but what next? How can you visualize, analyze and apply the information collected from your smart factory to take action when and where you need to, before problems proliferate down the line? Read our new e-book to find out how you can use digital process signatures collected and stored from across your plant or enterprise to quickly identify root cause, increase throughput (without affecting quality), improve station performance and more.

Make sense of your data with QualityWorX

QualityWorX is a suite of data management and manufacturing analytics software that helps you use your production data to make improvements. Acquire and store production data from machines and stations across the line and easily view, analyze and create reports.The QualityWorX suite has a database for centralized storage of all production data (including digital process signatures, machine vision images and data, and scalar data); software-based connectors for data acquisition; and manufacturing analytics and reporting tools.

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Discover how we’ve helped other manufacturers

Case study one

Unlocking data to overcome production downtime

An international agricultural machinery manufacturer faced an overwhelming amount of production data and no means of making it useful. See how QualityWorX helped them retrieve and analyze information from the line to quickly trace root cause when quality issues halted production.

Case study two

OEM overhauls quality with production data

Expanding their in-process test practices and making better use of the data they generated, helped one of the world's leading automakers gain enviable quality improvements worldwide.

Ask the Experts

How can I use production data to minimize the cost and impact of a production recall?

New Product Launch Manager, Robert Ouellette

What are the key considerations when planning a data collection strategy in the connected factory?

Account Manager, Aaron Alberts

Solving Your Top 5 Manufacturing Issues – with Data

In this webinar, Sciemetric’s CTO, Richard Brine and Product Manager, David Mannila share tips for making practical use of the data you collect to solve the top five problems manufacturers typically experience on their production lines, including balancing cycle time and repeatability (Gage R), setting proper test limits, increasing FTY, and more.


Do more with all of your data – including vision

See QualityWorX Vision in Action
Boost the effectiveness of your vision inspection system with Sciemetric's QualityWorX Vision solution. QualityWorX allows you to consolidate all of your data and images in one place and put it to work. Watch this video to see how QualityWorX Vision helps you collect, store, analyze and report on critical data for faster issue resolution and decision-making you can trust.

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Key considerations for a data collection strategy in the connected factory

Looking beyond the obvious elements that are critical to your quality inspections and expanding the scope of data collection is crucial to drive improvements and new efficiencies in your plant.

Sciemetric in the news
Harvesting data for Industry 4.0 profitability

Leveraging data to drive the productivity and efficiency of a line or a plant is nothing new. But, the type of data that can be collected, how it should be collected, and what you can and should do with it is evolving faster than ever before.

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At Sciemetric, we know that for manufacturers to realize the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it’s not enough to just collect data from connected stations and machines; it’s what you can do with the data that matters. That’s why for over a decade, we’ve been showing our customers how – with the right data management and manufacturing analytics tools – they can solve their biggest productivity and quality issues and optimize their production line, often in hours instead of days or weeks. You could say we were doing Industry 4.0 before it even had a name. Get to the answers you need in the shortest time possible – that’s our promise.