Control the variables to make uniform parts with
consistent dimensions

Vascular devices fall into two categories: catheters and stents. 

Catheters are wide-ranging in their purpose and application. There are diagnostic, invasive, stent-delivery, cardiovascular, neurovascular, endovascular and urinary catheters. Regardless of the type of catheter you’re manufacturing, it’s essential that your processes are under control and that you’re creating uniform parts with consistent dimensions. 

Quickly characterize processes during product development

A prominent manufacturer of stents has dramatically improved defect detection by using Sciemetric sigPODs to monitor the force and angle to precisely characterize their crimping operations for balloons.

Using Sciemetric process monitoring and quality management tools, you have complete traceability because all of the data about process variables lives in a centralized repository, making it easy to correlate quality issues to yield. Even with complex vascular devices such as stent-delivery catheters, where multiple processes like crimping, leak testing and marker band swaging are involved, Sciemetric gives you the ability to monitor and control all of the variables, and provides you with the data to make decisions and determine the root causes of quality issues.

With stent manufacturing, Sciemetric tools also enable you to compare trending feedback in a live production environment. Machining and stent forming, the tensile strength of the stent, measurement of drug coating and dimensional measurement are all monitored and managed using precise data so that quality parameters are tight and controlled.