Have confidence in the quality of seals, 100% of the time

Medical devices are typically sealed in specially designed packaging until the time of use to ensure sterility. If the packaging or its seal is compromised, the device is considered contaminated and has to be removed from the supply chain. Yield is reduced and extra time and costs for sterilization and repackaging are incurred.

Sciemetric’s technology provides you with the tools to achieve 100 percent testing of the sterile packaging as it is being formed over the part, measuring and documenting variables that impact seal quality such as temperature, force/pressure, and distance. With Sciemetric, you’ll know these are all constant and repeatable. Because they are well controlled, you can be certain that the packaging has a good seal before it leaves the line.

Using Sciemetric’s process monitoring and data management tools, you have the data to support proof of compliance with internal standards and regulatory directives, as well as the ability to see any variances in the process and if so, what’s causing those shifts.