Control your processes and control your cost variables

In the medical disposables business, products such as IVs, syringes, needles and other plastic devices are manufactured in high volumes. As a manufacturer looking to remain competitive, you must find ways to drive down costs. You’re operating on low margins and need to effectively control manufacturing processes to eliminate any cost variables that impact your bottom line.

NeedleUsing Sciemetric’s process monitoring and data management tools, you can monitor your plastics forming and test for leaks. More importantly, you can use our analytics tools to reduce scrap rates and identify trends and variables that impact profit margins right at the source.

QualityWorX is a comprehensive suite of tools that automate the storage, archiving, retrieval, analysis and reporting of critical manufacturing data captured on the plant floor through sigPOD or third-party monitors. You can evaluate performance between machines to determine reasons for discrepancies in parts generated, track batches, even track whether different suppliers and materials impact production.

By controlling your processes, you’re controlling your cost variables and gaining a competitive edge.