Strike the balance between cost management
and quality initiatives

Medical device manufacturers face unique and challenging issues when it comes to product quality, regulatory and standards compliance, and defect tracking. Because these products address human health and wellbeing, and are often implanted or used in the body, there is no room for device failure or non-compliance. Lives can be at stake.

Consistent quality across
the enterprise

A market leader in interventional cardiac devices uses Sciemetric to monitor global device quality from its HQ in the US, reducing the cost and risk of offshoring.

In a highly regulated industry such as this, manufacturers need to strike the right balance between cost management and product quality initiatives. Process signature verification is a proven and effective methodology that boosts product quality and supports compliance with internal standards and industry regulations such as those set out by the FDA.

 Manufacturers don’t have to rely on a post-production testing methodology that identifies problems only after it’s too late to fix them or, in the case of destructive testing, results in needless and costly scrap, imprecise results and incomplete part histories. Signature analysis provides a comprehensive view into manufacturing processes, enabling medical device manufacturers to reduce costs, manage quality and maximize yield. 

Sciemetric’s process monitoring and data management tools are the competitive advantage that some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturing companies rely on to improve visibility into critical manufacturing processes and ultimately, reduce costs.