Enable continuous improvement on your transmission line

Applying Sciemetric’s in-process verification methodology on your transmission line will enable you to significantly reduce repair costs. The technology enables the immediate detection of defects as they are introduced, at any stage along the line from sub-assembly to final assembly.

Leak testing is a common test in transmission manufacturing and we help to automate and improve the accuracy of the testing, whether it’s for clutch packs, verifying seal integrity for pistons, torque converters or the finished transmission. Our technology also enables us to combine tests in one station; for example we can measure the force in the application of a retaining ring to a piston and then conduct an immediate leak test to verify proper sealing. It is also flexible enough to manage different model types on the same line.

Sciemetric’s in-process testing approach not only uses advanced signature analysis to deliver the most accurate quality measurement on the production line, but also includes the collection of all process data and tools to make use of it. Create reports with a few mouse clicks, drill down into quality issues and determine their root causes so that they can be eradicated.

Our technology will help you make sure the transmissions are built right the first time.