In-process verification on axle assembly finds defects
as they occur

The types and sizes of axles in off-highway vehicles vary as much as they types of vehicles themselves. Sciemetric can provide an in-process test solution for all of them that provides the flexibility required to meet the different model types.

The key to in-process verification is monitoring the manufacturing operations as they occur and with a standard family of monitoring products we are able to achieve this across the axle line, not just at discrete points. Leak, press and torque tests are adapted to meet the requirements of the subassembly, such as brake components, hydraulic motors, and pistons. Even where manual work is done we can ensure every part is traced to its proper assembly.

Throughout the tests our systems collect all of the data and push it to a centralized database where you can retrieve it and use our software tools to create reports or drill down into top quality issues while having complete assembly traceability for all steps in the assembly of the axle.