We provide the tools to help off-highway manufacturers improve quality while reducing costs

In off-highway plants there tends to be a heavy reliance on end-of-line testing, particularly in engine and drivetrain, which leads to high repair costs and low first time yield as the defects aren’t found until after the parts are completely assembled. There may traditionally have been more tolerance of this but as the market becomes increasingly competitive, management is looking for ways of driving costs down in manufacturing while providing the quality brands are built on.

There are also additional challenges such as limited automation and needing the flexibility to work with many model types. Manufacturing and process engineers in these plants need ways of improving manufacturing in general and improve assembly processes to do so. Sciemetric can help.

We provide an end-to-end quality solution that allows you to test assemblies at critical junctures, not just at the end. Our solutions also combine multiple tests at a single station when more than one element needs to be verified. We collect all of the information from the manufacturing processes and store them in a single, centralized database and enable you to quickly create reports – and find and fix problems. Too often there’s a recurring quality problem and we help pinpoint it and provide the insight required to eliminate it from the line.

For structure, ease of reporting and the visibility to drive down the costs due to defects, you can rely on Sciemetric technology. We have extensive experience, particularly in powertrain, and a family of products that can be used across the line in different operations such as press, leak, sound and vibration and much more.