Enable continuous improvement on your transmission line

In-process testing is about catching issues at the stations where they occur, when the cost of dealing with them is the lowest. The result is better quality and higher yields and, more importantly, fewer defective transmissions.

On a transmission assembly line, our solution includes critical tests such as:

  • Gear quality verification
  • Press operations on bushings, bearings, upper and lower bearings, cup plugs
  • Output shaft torque to turn
  • Torque and vibration test for gear mesh
  • Leak testing
  • End of line verification, including noise and vibration checks

Take a look at one of our transmission manufacturing blueprints for an overview of the different types of quality checks that can be done across the assembly line. Our approach to in-process testing also addresses the need for data and analysis tools to strengthen reporting on yield and quality and to help identify and eliminate the top problems affecting both.