In-process testing of axle assembly increases yield

On a typical automotive axle manufacturing line there are at least 20 possible points, from subassembly to final test, where processes can be monitored or assemblies tested to ensure defects are caught as early as possible. Early detection reduces the overall cost of the defect to the manufacturer.

Sciemetric’s axle manufacturing blueprint shows some of these critical to quality points on a basic axle line. With our universal family of products we are able to deliver the press-fit monitoring, leak tests and torque checks and more, not just one discrete solution. For part and process traceability we collect all process data from production, store it in a single database and provide you with the tools to use it to create quick reports and drill-down into quality issues that are affecting yield.

Only Sciemetric’s in-process testing approach brings together all of the information from across the production line to provide a consistent view of quality and the intelligence needed to optimize the line.