Drive first time yield to 100%

We revolutionized in-process testing for powertrain in the early 1990s and it remains a core competency. Our approach starts with monitoring as many of the manufacturing operations as possible during assembly, catching problems at the source rather than downstream when they are expensive to fix.

Our solutions in powertrain are about more than testing; they are about improving the efficiency of the production line. Through our tools, automotive OEMs are able to be proactive and take action to optimize manufacturing processes to drive first time through rates to 100%.

Even OEMs with industry-leading quality rates struggle with ways to do reporting, optimize operations for increased throughput or track down the root cause of issues affecting their yield due to a lack of proper data. We enable complete traceability for every aspect of assembly and real-time reporting on production yields through online reports and dashboards saves time and means issues are identified and addressed as they occur.

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