Comprehensive testing finds the little issues that
lead to big problems

An end-of-line test of HVAC units reduces the number of recalls downstream at vehicle assembly or post shipment. Some manufacturers rely on PLC or air flow testing to verify quality and these types of simple measurements miss the defects that become problems later. Repairing installed HVAC systems is usually time-consuming and expensive. 

Sciemetric’s technology enables you to simulate the actual vehicle conditions for controlling each HVAC unit, allowing you to find defects that otherwise would only be caught by end users. It enables you to find problems in the assembly:

  • Damper issues – Jammed, missed, reversed or twisted dampers
  • Servo motors  – Shorted motors, bad wiring, jammed, high current wiring
  • Blower motor – Imbalance, shorted, bad wiring, bearing damage
  • Gaskets  – Missing, damaged plastic
  • Harness and cabling – Shorted, reversed connections, bad wiring
  • Airflow blockages
  • Detect compressor noise and vibration (e.g. whine and slap)

Review the application notes for some examples of the technology at work.