Brake system quality you can confidently prove

With automotive brake defects having been the recent focus of some very public recalls, it is more important than ever for brake manufacturers to manage the quality of their products. They also need to be able to prove it.

Sciemetric’s sigPOD monitoring technology provides the most accurate line-wide process monitoring and part testing for braking systems, including:

  • Brake line leak testing
  • Brake master cylinder leak testing
  • Brake pad press monitoring
  • Brake pad resonance testing 

Our solution includes complete traceability throughout the assembly manufacturing process and the tools to create reports that show the parts meet the required specifications, in lots or by individual parts. These tools also enable analysis of manufacturing production data so that if there is a quality problem, you can quickly identify its source. Or you can use the data to optimize manufacturing objectively, without affecting quality.

Take a look at some of the application notes for examples of tests for braking systems.