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Analyze machine vision images and image data—all in one place

QualityWorX Vision solution

Machine vision systems are increasingly being used by manufacturers for quality inspection yet little consideration is given to handling the images and the data from these systems. Taking pictures and storing a pass/fail status are deemed enough. This information, which is often hard to access and stored on PCs or other devices cluttering the production line, provides only the most basic traceability. 

QualityWorX Vision enables the collection and storage of historical records for images and image data in a centralized location, whether for a single station or an entire production line. More importantly, it provides the tools to enable manufacturers to analyze and trend data to improve quality and productivity.

  • Collect and store in a single database scalar data and images, including image overlay information, from multiple cameras, traceable to a part serial number
  • Capture images and data for systems with limited or no storage capability at the camera level 
  • Collect data from vendors such as Cognex and Keyence1, with more on the way 
  • Avoid the need to run down to the plant floor with USB sticks to move images from plant floor system to your system for reanalyzing 
  • Use manufacturing analytics to enable fast retrieval, review and analysis of image and scalar data 
  • Scale from single station to all cameras to all inspection systems on the plant floor (e.g., leak test, fastening systems, in-process test stations, etc.)

1 Keyence support planned for Fall 2017.

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