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Accurate leak tests should not be a production bottleneck

Leak tests are required in any application where seal integrity is important. Small leaks missed early in assembly can cause big problems downstream, including expensive teardowns and repairs, quarantines and more.

The advantage of Sciemetric's leak testers is the process signature software. Rather than provide pass/fail on a few basic limits, the leak solutions offer a full and detailed view of the test. Why is this important? Because we know that manufacturers struggle with cycle times, finding the right limits and making improvements to their stations. Sciemetric provides the visibility and flexibility to do this and more.

Many manufacturers rely on leak test as an end-of-line test. Because of our approach we make it possible to also include it at critical junctions along the manufacturing line, without affecting productivity, so that defects are found as soon as possible.

If the ability to detect leaks quickly and reliably is critical, Sciemetric is the right option. Our thoughtfully designed systems are available off-the-shelf and can test small components of <3 to large cavities >10,000 cc using flow pressure decay. Take a look at our leak testers or browse sample applications.