Make sense of your production data and take action

If making sense of the various data that come from the stations on the production line is difficult or if creating basic reports using that data takes hours or even days, you are not alone. Many manufacturing engineers and managers find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes – and the sheer volume of spreadsheets – to provide useful, meaningful reports.

Plant Summary as shown by QWX DashboardSciemetric’s QualityWorX automatically collects data from systems on the assembly line and stores it in a centralized database. The QualityWorX analysis tools help you prepare standard reports with just a few clicks, features dashboards with drill-downs for a quick snapshot of your key metrics, and in-depth data manipulation for engineers to find the root cause of problems or try out new test recipes.

Stop wasting time on trying to bring the data together in a useable format and spend it instead on the improvements the visibility QualityWorX provides. Take a look at the product information or some of the examples.