Monitor crimping operations in real-time

Crimping is extensively and commonly done in just about all major manufacturing industries. The crimp operation joins two pieces of metal or other malleable materials by deforming one or both of them together.  Defects due to faulty crimping are frequently not detected until much later in the assembly process creating extra costs downstream.

Sciemetric’s systems have been used for monitoring assembly processes such as wire crimping of copper wires onto terminals, crimp nut monitoring and the crimping of conductive wires on a cardiac device.

Use Sciemetric’s sigPOD and its waveform analysis software to find crimp defects—such as a missing wire or terminal, missing or soft crimps, missing strands or ears, debris caught in the terminal, double crimp, incorrect wire gage and improper placement—in real-time.

The sigPOD monitors force versus distance and force versus time waveforms during the entire crimping process, providing a consistent measurement standard for evaluating the quality of the crimping operation.

Take look through the application notes for detailed examples.