When a product comes back with a warranty claim, the next step is to determine the root...

Catch problems as they happen, save money

In-process testing is about catching issues at the stations where they occur, when the cost of dealing with them is the lowest. The result is better quality and, more importantly, better cost management. That’s something manufacturers need to stay competitive.

At Sciemetric, our goal is to help our customers achieve the benefits of in-process testing. That’s why we are specialists in discrete manufacturing: we can apply an off-the-shelf solution across the production line or in problem areas to provide the best return. Not just for leak. Not just for force-distance monitoring. For virtually all repeatable processes across the line.

We do this using a standard platform strategy that provides common hardware and software for use across the plant. By using Sciemetric technology you will also be able to bring the production line to your desktop and easily produce reports and find ways of further optimizing your line.

Take a look at some examples.