Out of all the testing stations on a production line, leak testing is the station most prone to...

5 ways a digital process signature can save time and money in manufacturing

January 30, 2017
Contributed by: 
Scigenuity Staff

Reduced production costs and improved quality isn’t an oxymoron … really.

It’s only to be expected that engineering and process staff might have a rocky relationship with the big promise of Industry 4.0. Achieving the goal of the connected factory where every piece of equipment digitally connects with another and every unit in production is traceable can seem daunting.

Which it is, if you still rely on the wrong tools to do the job.

Taming big data is key to plugging the holes in your leak test

November 29, 2016
Contributed by: 
Rob Plumridge - Leak Applications Engineer

Manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need to have long-term accountability to their customers and stakeholders – “we built a good part and have the data record to prove it.” With waveform signature analysis, they have the data trail they need to quickly find the root cause of a problem, determine its scope, and carry out a targeted recall of only the specific serial numbers effected.