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How to reduce cycle time in leak testing?

January 11, 2018
Contributed by: 
Nathan Sheaff - President at Sciemetric

Out of all the testing stations on a production line, leak testing is the station most prone to causing bottlenecks. Thus, reducing cycle time in leak test is essential to more efficient, productive operations.

Below are a few techniques to implement on your production line to reduce the cycle time in leak testing.

How to reduce fill time in leak test

November 14, 2017
Contributed by: 
Steve White - Sciemetric's Test Engineering Manager

There are many considerations related to how a part is connected to a test station, and the test station to its supply of pressurized air, that can impact fill time. The shorter the fill time, the shorter the overall test.

Why is my leak rate repeatability so poor?

December 21, 2016
Contributed by: 
Ron Pawulski – Executive Account Director at Sciemetric

In a follow-up to our “How to conduct a leak test trial you can stake your job on” post, the topic today is one of the most overlooked causes of poor repeatability in leak test results.

Achieving leak rate repeatability is a common challenge with leak testing. Changes in test results can cause a customer to mistrust their leak test and even lead an operator to throw out test results altogether.