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When a standard test solution just doesn’t meet your requirements, Sciemetric can help. Our team of experts will work with you to understand the test, the objectives and the specifications of your specific application. Then, we’ll integrate our technology into a custom manufacturing station that does exactly what you need it to.


Custom leak test machine


Concept Consultation

Each project is complex and unique. That’s why we take a tailored approach to determining your requirements. Sciemetric technology will always be at the core of our custom machines, but we’ll be sure to provide the optimal manufacturing solution with hardware and software for:


  • Axle spin testing
  • Repair management
  • Data management



Sciemetric custom machine


Design Services

Our design and build capabilities range from very large powertrain component test stands to smaller benchtop testers. We will customize the complete layout in our turnkey facility in Rochester Hills, MI. Our proposal will cover mechanical concept; complete controls hardware design; mechanical fixturing, layout, and part holding with full 3D capabilities; and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) services.


    Simplified engine blueprint


    Integration & Runoff

    We provide full test integration as well as complete runoff and buyoff services, including in-process testing of your custom station as well as testing the commissioning process.




    Post production support technician


    Post-Production Support

    Our post-production support is second to none. We provide global delivery and installation. Once your station is up and running, we offer warranty support as well as online and onsite support and materials to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with your Sciemetric solution.



    About CTS Custom Leak Test Stations

    Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is known worldwide for leak testing in all major markets, from recreation to aerospace. Their portfolio includes not only standard Sentinel and BlackBelt leak testers, but also extensive custom design capabilities. As partners, CTS and Sciemetric are able to recommend turnkey solutions from each other’s portfolios, depending on customer requirements.

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    CTS Custom Solution Speeds Productivity for Electric Drive Assembly Test

    The need? A way to test automotive electric drive assemblies that were completely sealed. The answer? A two-station custom solution based on the Sentinel I28 Leak Test Instrument. It combines volumetric fill and pressure decay testing—and nearly doubled the productivity of a single-station tester.

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    CTS custom electric drive assembly tester