When a product comes back with a warranty claim, the next step is to determine the root...

Complete manufacturing birth history for each part

Traceability is important when needing to demonstrate compliance to specification (to regulators or your customers) or to locate specific parts exhibiting particular symptoms.

The Sciemetric solution provides complete part birth history in a unified database:

  • When it was made
  • How it was made
  • Where it was made
  • What components were used

In addition it includes complete test records:

  • All operation status
  • Original test data
  • Test results
  • Test parameters Repair records

It does it by serial numbers, indicates subcomponents used, tracks machines, shifts and any other elements of the production process. Only Sciemetric is able to include the process signatures for every test, not just as an image file but including all of the data for future review and analysis.