Real cost reductions, measurable ROI

Managing and reducing costs while delivering quality parts is what is driving most medical device manufacturers to adopt Sciemetric technology. There are many ways we enable real cost reductions that provide compelling ROI cases.

Eliminate scrap caused by batch testing

With batch testing, a percentage of parts are removed from daily production and destroyed through tests. Sample test failures can lead to the destruction of good parts which is particularly costly in medical devices requiring specialized materials. By implementing 100% in-process testing, only actual defective products are removed from production. You gain a quality record for each device while reducing scrap.

Optimize resources

Manual inspection of critical-to-quality processes is costly and subjective. Automation strategies applying Sciemetric technology provide not only objectivity but objective data from manufacturing. These enable you apply resources in other critical areas while improving quality.

Efficiently deal with quarantines

The tools and insight we provide allows medical device manufacturers to rapidly analyze thousands or millions of historical manufacturing signatures to precisely pinpoint problems with specific lots or serial numbers. Have the reports and proof you need to show that the problem has been identified and controlled to restart manufacturing more quickly.