The insight you need to take action

Our goal is to provide you with clarity and nothing is clearer than hard data. The unique analysis tools from Sciemetric help you get the visibility into your processes that is required to hit manufacturing targets.

Identify the root cause of defects across the enterprise

Quickly understand the causes of lower yield, right down to the process station – not in weeks or months, but in hours. Your team can compare yields by input factors such as batch ID, suppliers, machine ID, materials or environmental factors. With Sciemetric’s solution you will have a quick, high-level view of statistical performance across the enterprise and the ability to drill down to address issues negatively impacting yield.

Real-time quality control over offshore manufacturing

Our technology allows you to deliver consistent quality across your plants, regardless of where they are located. It allows quality control groups to actively monitor offshore manufacturing with dashboard views of yield and defects with drilldown quality reports to identify top defects and determine root causes to eliminate them from the production line. We also provide 100% traceability of global manufacturing centers.