Get rid of the roadblocks and build it right the first time

There are all kinds of ways of calculating yield on a line. Many avoid addressing parts that required multiple passes to meet the acceptable standard, i.e., ones that had to undergo repairs or teardown. By building more right the first time, an automotive manufacturer can improve the output, and reduce the costs to do so, without affecting quality. We call this the drive to 100% first time yield.

Statistically significant rejects or repairs should be immediately investigated to determine their cause and how they can be avoided. Sciemetric technology provides the tools for your engineers to quickly analyze assembly process data to do this.

At one plant, for example, one automotive manufacturer was experiencing electronic throttle failures at the end of the line engine test, a time at which it is expensive to address. By using Sciemetric, the team found the two reasons for the failures and fixed the upstream process issues to eliminate them. They were also able to run the criteria against quarantined parts to determine which exhibited the same factors. The result? The 1.27% failure rate was reduced to 0.07%. This may sound small but it resulted in an additional yield of 170 engines a month and represented significant costs savings.

Yield is also about being able to optimize the manufacturing assembly processes, which is difficult to do without the data and visibility Sciemetric provides. Instead of guessing how to adjust cycle times, your team of engineers could quickly determine what’s appropriate, using the existing data to test out the changes.

Making improvements in hours or days instead of weeks and months will help your auto plant get to 100% first time yield.