100% parts testing and visibility that provides instant feedback

When manufacturing devices such as pacemakers, drug pumps and cardiac defibrillators there’s no room for quality issues or recalls.

Sciemetric’s process monitoring and quality management tools enable 100% parts testing, rather than risky sample or audit methods. With this in-process testing approach, you know that each part leaving your line meets internal standards and regulatory guidelines. This methodology also enables you to eliminate scrap of expensive materials due to rejects and destructive testing, which can save you significant money.

Get products into production & revenue more quickly

One cardiac device manufacturer was able to reduce reduce validation time from 8 to 3 months, getting a new product into manufacturing -- and into the market -- more quickly.

Sciemetric’s tools provide comprehensive insight into complex manufacturing processes like lead assembly, a critical stage in the manufacturing of implantable devices that encompasses many discrete processes including press, leak testing, plastics molding, resistance or ultrasonic welding, adhesive bonding and crimping of the leads. This insight eases and speeds the validation of processes prior to implementation and provides the flexibility to test and monitor variables, and receive instant feedback. The signatures of your processes can be easily compared and contrasted to determine variables and quality issues. By overlaying waveforms, variances are readily identified and root causes can be determined.

Gone are the manual reporting processes, spreadsheets and charts that were required to present data to superiors and regulatory bodies to maintain production. Gone too are the patchwork systems created by wedding together disparate systems in the hopes of getting a comprehensive view. With Sciemetric, you need only one technology to manage and control quality across your entire line.