Build more, better, at a lower cost

Manufacturers of consumer electronics – phones, laptops, music players, computer peripherals, etc. – need to be able to act fast and be responsive to market demands, quickly adding or adjusting capacity and throughput goals. Quality is the competitive edge but managing costs is just as important.

We provide the manufacturing managers in these plants with the tools to deliver the best quality at the highest possible yields. Our data acquisition modules on the plant floor use proven innovative technology to measure quality while storing the information for your use. Sciemetric’s data management software brings the production line to your desktop, so that you can see what is happening in real-time, pinpoint the cause of issues, optimize cycle times and easily create the reports you need. All to save you time and give you the visibility you need to manage the line and keep costs down.

You will find that Sciemetric is unique; few can address the range of manufacturing processes and challenges that we can with a standard technology platform. If you are looking for ways to monitor quality, do reports, provide traceability or simply to see what’s going on at each manufacturing process, contact us.